We measured the Biennale Warszawa 2022!

In 2015, after an educational campaign handsomely funded by British Petroleum, which popularized the term “carbon footprint”, we fell into a global mania to measure it. Is it really a suitable tool for determining the level of environmental destruction? Maybe we all participate in a systemically designed insanity that effectively distracts us from the real source of our problems?

Using the example of measuring energy consumption and the amount of data generated as part of this year’s Biennale Warszawa, let’s talk about what is and where the carbon footprint comes from. Are accurate carbon footprint calculations even possible? Does tree planting compensation make sense? What solutions have a real impact on reducing the consumption of natural resources?

Let’s sit down in an informal atmosphere, look at the data collected together and see what to do next.

And whoever is without fault should throw coal first.

Joanna Murzyn, technological activist. With her actions she strives to make our prosperity and protection of natural resources a priority which should become a part of the discussion on the future development of communication and information technologies. Initiator of the Digital Ecology Institute where she conducts digitally ecological audits, develops educational programmes and good practices which raise awareness and support the processes of sustainable and ethical digitization.