Room to Bloom brings together feminist artists with a migration background who create ecological and postcolonial narratives of Europe. By associating artists and creators who – too often – occupy a peripheral place in the world of arts and places who are considered to be geographically peripheral (Sicily, Ukraine, Poland, Greece), Room to Bloom aims at building a discourse on European Culture that is fully built on the experience and knowledge of the periphery and to bring it back to the centre. Room to Bloom is a transnational network of feminist artists. It trains, assists and supports young artists to co-create professional opportunities. The network formulates proposals for running decolonial and ecofeminist art practices and imagine new ecological and post-colonial feminist narratives for a transnational Europe. Room to Bloom partners with Warsaw Biennale. The project is co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission.

Ségolène Pruvot is Cultural Director of European Alternatives and coordinator of Room to Bloom. Ségolène curated, managed and coordinated artistic projects in several European countries, including Transeuropa Festival. She currently works as partner on the Horizon2020 Artsformation project focused on how arts can help manage the digital transition in contemporary societies. Ségolène is a Doctor in Urban Sociology. In the course of her academic career and professional life, she specialised on the exploration of the intersection between arts, the city and social change.